Welcome NSTAR Customers!

NSTAR Green has been terminated by the Department of Public utilities effective July 1, 2015. But don’t worry; green power lives on at Mass Energy.

Whether you are a current NSTAR Green customer searching for an alternative, an old NSTAR Green customer unhappy with the program’s increasing rates, or a new green power customer- Mass Energy is here for you.

  • Hull, MA

  • McGlynn Middle School, Medford, MA

  • Lynn Water & Sewer, Lynn, MA

  • Blackburn Industrial Park, Gloucester, MA

  • Scituate, MA

  • Ipswich, MA

  • Berkshire East Ski Resort, Charlemont, MA

  • Cow Power at the Jordan Family Dairy Farm, Rutland, MACow Power at the Jordan Family Dairy Farm, Rutland, MA

    Cow Power at the Jordan Family Dairy Farm, Rutland, MA

  • Holy Name Junior High School, Worcester, MA

  • Mt. St. Mary's Abbey, Wrentham, MA

  • Wachusett Mountain, Princeton, MA

Mass Energy’s Green Power Programs Can Be Your Alternative 

Mass Energy is a nonprofit, green power supplier based in Boston, MA. Our green power programs enable NSTAR customers to support electric generated from local renewable sources in the same way that NSTAR Green did.

The good news is that we offer 100% MA, RI, and ME renewable power at a cheaper rate than NSTAR Green (check out our local sources to the left). Plus, since Mass Energy is nonprofit, all green power payments to us are 100% federally tax-deductible!

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* You must cancel your NSTAR Green service and finish your current billing cycle before enrolling in our green power program. Otherwise you will get charged for green power twice.

How It Works 

  1. Customers choose from two renewable energy options (to the left).
  2. Once ready (you must cancel NSTAR Green before enrolling), simply fill out our online join form. You will need your most recent NSTAR electric bill and a credit card to set up billing.
  3. Mass Energy communicates with NSTAR each month to gather your electric usage and your green power charge is made to Mass Energy via an automatic monthly payment on the credit card you used during enrollment.

 How is this similar to NSTAR Green?

  • We buy green power for our members in the same way.

The green power product you are getting is the same, though our green power sources are different. Here’s how it works: When 1 megawatt hour of physical renewable electricity is produced and put onto the grid into the grid, a renewable energy credit (REC) is also produced in the grid’s source database. This lets the grid know how much renewable energy is there to be distributed out to utilities and households that demand specifically green power. The cost of a REC is the additional amount needed per kilowatt hour to make the project financially feasible when it is under development. Pairing 1 megawatt hour of random physical electricity that you use with a REC that you purchase makes the electricity that you used renewably sourced. Any green power supplier pairs RECs to customer’s physical electric usage to designate renewable energy on the grid to a specific home or business.



How is this different than NSTAR Green?

  • Mass Energy is cheaper.

Mass Energy has two green power products: New England GreenStart for 2.4 cents per kWh or New England Wind for 3.8 cents per kWh. Both rates are paid in addition to and separately from your normal electric charges. That comes to about $10-20 for an average electric user each month. And, both are tax-deductible if you itemize charitable deductions on your federal retun.


  • We source our member’s green power locally.

NSTAR Green sources are from New York and Maine. Mass Energy relies mostly on Massachusetts, with some resources from Rhode Island, and Maine.


  • Mass Energy is nonprofit.

We are a mission driven nonprofit committed to climate change mitigation. Our green power programs are a means to our mission along with extensive pro-environmental advocacy work in the political and grassroots arenas. This is also why payments to our program are considered tax-deductable.


  • Mass Energy’s green power option is off-bill.

Because NSTAR ran NSTAR Green, they were able to bundle their physical electric rate and their green power rate into one supply rate on the bill. Since Mass Energy is a third-party green power supplier (or REC supplier) your green power rate must be paid via a separate Mass Energy green power bill. This bill is automatically charged each month on the credit card that you set up during enrollment about a week after your NSTAR electric bill is released Your NSTAR bill remains unchanged since they still supply your physical electricity. 


Who are Mass Energy members?


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Call us at 800-287-3950 x5 or email greenreply@massenergy.org if you have any questions.