“We are pleased to have enrolled in Mass. Energy and encourage others to do so now.”

- Michael and Kitty Dukakis


Brookline is Saying YES to clean electricity

It matters where your electricity comes from. Join our Brookline campaign to purchase clean electricity through a local non-profit Mass Energy and keep fossil fuels in the ground. Like others around the Commonwealth, Brookline households are enrolling in Mass Energy supplied renewable energy.

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We are committed to reducing fossil fuel dominance.


Here is why the team of Mother’s Out Front and Climate Action Brookline are partnering with Mass Energy supplied clean electricity:

  • Mass Energy's renewable electricity comes from local and regional sources of sun, wind, hydro and biomass.
  • It’s fast to sign up on line with your credit card and electric bill customer number.
  • Mass Energy Consumers Alliance is a local non-profit established in 1982. Mass Energy’s green portion of your electric bill is 100% federally tax deductible.

Brookline residents are speaking out and signing up for clean electricity:

For years, I found it difficult to take action on climate change, until I got involved with Mothers Out Front and saw that I can make an impact in our electricity supply with my choice of Mass Energy for clean electricity supplier. I can influence the power grid in my own state to rely on renewables instead of fossil fuels.  That’s real power.”

Daria Mark, Brookline resident Mother of 2

Mothers Out Front and Climate Action Brookline deserve thanks for educating Brookline residents about how our electricity is generated and for helping us to support the development of local renewable energy. I'm proud to support the campaign and clean energy!"

Ben Franco, Brookline Board of Selectmen

How Does It Work?

Clean Electricity Surcharge Is Tax Deductible

If you pay your own electricity bill, you can invest in locally supplied clean electricity. Mass Energy offers two clean energy programs, New England Wind and New England GreenStart. The recommended option is New England Wind since it helps keep more fossil fuels in the ground. New England Wind costs approximately four additional cents per kilowatt hour based on your usage. Since Mass Energy is a non-profit, either of the clean electricity surcharges, like a donation, are federally tax deductible if you itemize.


The additional green-power cost of your electricity will be automatically billed by Mass Energy. Mass Energy sends you monthly email notifications with the amount of electricity you used and the amount your card will be charged for your clean electricity option. Mass. Energy also sends a year end summary of your clean energy charges for itemized tax deduction purposes. Eversource continues to bill you separately for basic electricity delivery services and remains your delivery repair provider. No hook ups are required.

Conservation brings down the clean energy portion of your bill.

Conservation effectively lowers your household electricity use and bill. Cutting back your consumption helps our climate and reduces your electricity costs. Learn more by reading Mass Energy's "Energy Efficiency Guide."

Use our Green Power Calculator to see how much your household would pay based on usage for New England Wind and New England GreenStart. 

How Do I Sign Up Here Now

Three enrollment steps:

  1. Collect your Eversource (formerly NSTAR) electric utility bill or account number and a credit card.

  2. Choose between two green energy portfolios:

    New England Wind (100% MA wind) This portfolio has the most impact in moving our state away from fossil fuels. We recommend this option.

    New England GreenStart (25% MA wind, solar, and cow power; 75% low-impact hydro from ME)

  3. Enroll here.

Learn More:



Call your Mass Energy representative at 800-287-3950 x5 or email if you have any questions.



Keep an eye out for our campaign lawn sign around Brookline!



Brookline residents are spreading the words about choosing clean power.




Some of our renewable energy generators.